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Sandlot Tulsa, OKC Sandlot, All American Baseball to Merge!

By Sandlot Staff, 02/21/16, 11:00PM CST


Sandlot’s Story

The Sandlot Sox Organization (Tulsa) was co- founded by Clay Overcash and Jake Russell in the fall of 2005. It was always a passion of theirs to provide baseball instruction in Oklahoma at the highest level possible to anyone who wanted it. As more and more players sought this type of opportunity to learn and grow in the game, both Clay and Jake realized they had started something special. This growth allowed the Sandlot Sox Organization to be created to better provide for the ever growing number of players that have been attracted to our organization year in and year out. A few years later in 2008, longtime friend and acquaintance Lane Decker founded the Sandlot (OKC) program. Like Clay and Jake’s original vision and aspirations, Lane equally shared the same passion and knew OKC needed something similar. Each program has been very successful in their own right by seeing roughly 160+ College Commitments come through their programs while also having over 50 Major League Baseball Draftees! Sandlot Baseball has had players travel from Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri to be a part of the Sandlot experience. With this type of overall success, you can see why many scouts and coaches have said Sandlot is considered one of the Top amateur baseball programs in the Midwest.

Sandlot All American Story

All American Baseball originally started out as a labor of love created by Jay Franklin and Mack Chambers in 2013. They wanted to utilize their almost 50 combined years of professional baseball experience to provide an opportunity for baseball prospects of all ages to be evaluated using the same criteria relied on by current industry professionals.  They partnered with one of the leading youth baseball organizations in the country and created a concept of conducting showcases that helped determine the countries’ best baseball players by region and then inviting select players to compete in a national set of competitive showcase games. For the last two years, the showcase concept has been a great success due to the dedicated efforts of the all-star staff assembled by All American to conduct the regional events and provide the professional evaluations.  

As successful as this concept has been the last few years, Jay and Mack both realized they could make a much greater impact in the game of baseball by providing an even deeper level of service to amateur baseball and they knew they had the resources to do so. To better expand their newer vision and provide a more robust level of service in amateur baseball among other platforms, both Jay and Mack formed a partnership with Clay Overcash and Lane Decker. Clay and Lane bring with them an additional 48 years of professional playing and scouting experience. These four combined bring just shy of 100 years of experience in the professional baseball industry to YOU.

With these new partnerships in place and an aggressive vision, we would like to welcome you to what is now known as Sandlot All American Baseball. 

What does Sandlot All American offer?
Currently, Sandlot All American offers:
- Individual Player Showcases
- High School Summer Showcase Tournaments
- Youth & High School Baseball Teams
- Fall Baseball Program

*Stay tuned for exciting announcements on other future offerings!

What makes Sandlot All American different?

Individual Player Showcases:

Parents and players have always had a desire to understand how their skills match up against their peers, but also how their skills are perceived and evaluated in the current baseball scouting world.  Sandlot All American takes that very process, and uses the same metrics utilized by scouts today to provide a much more defined picture of where a player stands. We don’t just check a box, use simple grading numbers, or provide a generic write up that gets used and re-used. Instead, we value a much more complete approach for players participating in our showcases.

Our individual player showcases include numerous personal interactions for players with our staff, while also providing many other great features that other showcases don't. Unlike other showcase providers that charge extra to create a costly account to see results after the event, Sandlot All American includes this fee with the overall showcase cost which lasts for 1 year after the event! We also offer an annual subscription option for those who may not attend another showcase event for a year, or just want to keep their player profile active for coaches and scouts to review. Another unique benefit is that each player profile allows the upload of up to 3 personal videos of your choosing. We all know players have bad days, and what worse timing than at a showcase where a prospect video is uploaded and you are unhappy with the results that you invested a lot of money in. This unique benefit we offer ensures that doesn't happen, as we allow you to change out the videos as you want, when you want to keep your content fresh. This same annual subscription service is also available to all scouts and coaches alike. Whether they were at the specific event or not, we ensure all of the same information and notes are available to them on our platform. With our staff's roughly 100 years of professional baseball experience and credentials, let us show you what you have been missing.

(The All American showcase site is just about finished!)

High School Summer Showcase Tournaments:

Sandlot All American Tournaments provide a uniquely different experience from other tournament providers. In getting feedback from many collegiate coaches and professional scouts around the country, high school summer tournaments currently don’t provide enough opportunities for coaches/scouts to truly see the ability of ALL players on each team thus many quality players get overlooked.

These tournaments are usually all on the same weekends, have high entry costs along with unforeseen travel burdens, include too many teams, are not centralized, and more importantly focused on other things instead of the best interests of players, parents, coaches, and scouts alike. Teams also find themselves scheduled miles and miles each game and day utilizing numerous fields, thus making it nearly impossible for coaches and scouts to evaluate all players and teams.

This is a main reason for why our structure is uniquely different because it is very much geared to the best overall experience for teams, players, parents, and coaches/scouts alike. We feel our format is truly what High School summer tournament baseball should be about; To provide a solution that is reasonably priced, centralized, all while providing the best opportunity to play quality competition and get in front of coaches and scouts multiple times at a single venue. With the additional feedback from coaches & scouts, our tournaments also include activities such as on field batting practice for all teams and multiple pre game in/out opportunities. Coaches and scouts will all have open access to be on the field during these activities as well!

To learn more about our tournaments, formats, dates, and contact info please visit: Sandlot All American Tournaments Page

Youth & High School Baseball Teams:

Currently, our teams range from Youth to High School. Beginning in 2017, we will field multiple Sandlot All American teams in all age groups. Our philosophy on teams is to be able to provide an opportunity for all levels of player ability that want to be pushed the right way in this game. We will do so knowing that all of our coaches bring with them extensive playing experience all the way through the Division 1 and Professional levels. Though we will not be considered a ring chasing organization, we do understand that some teams in our Sandlot All American family will be successful enough to win championships and play at some of the highest levels possible.

All levels of our teams in their respective age groups will be able to practice and workout with other teams in the same and higher age groups to increase comradery, to push each individual player, all while allowing our coaches the ability to share their knowledge with other players in our organization across the board. Sandlot All American will be a close knit group and we want to ensure everyone involved is treated as family.

Although our current teams are filled for Spring and Summer 2016, we will be conducting tryouts at the end of the summer and into the fall for the upcoming 2017 season. Please stay tuned for more communication on these tryouts and locations around that time.

To learn more about our Sandlot All American Teams please visit:  Sandlot All American Teams Page

Fall Baseball Program:

This program is currently being re-designed. Be on the lookout for the new program details soon!