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Currently, our teams range from Youth to High School. Beginning in 2017, we will field multiple Sandlot All American teams in multiple age groups. Our philosophy on teams is to be able to provide an opportunity for all levels of player ability that want to be pushed the right way in this game. We will do so knowing that all of our coaches bring with them extensive playing experience all the way through the Division 1 and Professional levels. Though we will not be considered a ring chasing organization, we do understand that some teams in our Sandlot All American family will be successful enough to win championships and play at some of the highest levels possible.

All levels of our teams in their respective age groups will be able to practice and workout with other teams in the same and higher age groups to increase comradery, to push each individual player, all while allowing our coaches the ability to share their knowledge with other players in our organization across the board. Sandlot All American will be a close knit group and we want to ensure everyone involved is treated as family.

If you are interested and still looking for an opportunity this Spring and Summer 2017 and beyond please fill out our prospective player form on the home page. We will be conducting tryouts at the end of the summer and into the fall for the 2018 spring/summer season. Tryout info will also be posted on our website, and various social media pages.